About Open Commentaries

Open Commentaries is a blog to discuss trends and developments in academic communication and research, impact in social sciences, science and technology and humanities. We focus on the processes, practicalities, trends, impact, etc. in academic and research domains. We seriously aim to inspire our readers to blog!

It is an exclusive platform to express opinion/perspectives on issue/topic in the form of blog posts of short articles. These short-articles are mainly commentaries in nature and have great chances of igniting new ideas, inspire, and also understanding different perspective.

The authors’ commentaries carry one’s interpretations, impressions, opinion and perspective of a given issue. The commentaries help know how one thinks on an issue. The author may have different perspective altogether but it is necessary to know that particular thought for further deliberations. In this way, Open Commentaries encourages authors to express their constructive and critical perspectives on any pertinent issue. They may share their opinion based on the findings of their or others research work.

We publish mainly the short-commentaries (of 800-1000 words) on the issues, challenges, opportunities and developments in the teaching, research and publication activities academic communication and research, social sciences, humanities, science and technology. We would love to bring different voices and stakeholders concerning scholarly community to discuss these issues. 

Our readers are primarily made up of academicians, library professionals, researchers, practitioners, publishers, policymakers, etc.

What we publish?

We publish commentaries that focus more on processes, practicality, trends, impact, etc. of a micro issue. We encourage authors to write blog posts based on a journal article or paper presented in a conference on the topic of scholarly communication, research metrics, open access, web technology, social media, online learning, learning resources, copyrights, etc.

Any article focusing on the following aspects are preferred.

  • Current developments
  • Responses to current development/event that affects academic scenario
  • Highlighting the issues that need quick attention
  • Focusing on the areas that need quick attention for research
  • Recognizing and introducing the trend or a development 
  • Know-how write-ups on any tool that improves a system or scholarly communication

Following are our core commissioning themes

  • Trends and issues in scholarship
  • Information, data and society
  • Printing, publishing, authorship, citation metrics, etc.
  • Internet, archive, repository, resource sharing, libraries, etc.
  • Scholarly communication and open access to resources
  • Tools, techniques and tips for scholars
  • Research metrics and their role in scholarly communication 
  • Research studies and their impact

Contact: editor@opencommentaries.in

Note: Open Commentaries is a non-profit initiative based on the open access principles. The opinion/views expressed in this blog are personal and do not reflect the opinion/views of their employers and any organizations.

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