Get inspired to blog

Yes, we often feel like commenting on any issue concerning. We feel strongly to express it and therefore we usually take email or social media platforms to write our perspective/opinion. This is absolutely right and this is where we want you to write for this blog- may be you need to write some more sentences, that’s it!

Yes, this is how you can consider writing for this blog or any suitable blog of your choice. This is how blog posts happen! And you will be amazed to read your own writing after posting it!

All we want is: just pen down your commentaries and blog!

Hope you will get inspired by the following articles on ‘why blog’ and the other useful stuff.

A good blog article always has a catchy title that creates curiosity and interest among the reader to read it!  Not only that, it is well written by conveying the message straight in fewer words but in simple and lucid style.

Please refer to the Submission plus the following simple and the most useful tips:

1. Think before you write. This means you need to clearly know who is your audience, what kind of article is acceptable by this blog and how impactful the article should be.

2. Write a compelling title. Titles in the form of questions, hypothetic statements, bold statements, etc. help attract the readers to read your article. And of course, you need to deliver the best even in the main body of the article despite having a great title. Just observe how the titles are framed in TED Talks and LSE Impact Blog.

3. You can consider writing a brief write-up on your own published/ to be published paper. This is an exciting experience to condense your paper to highlight on problem, methodology, process, and findings!!

4. If you have commented on any issue on any online or offline platform and if you can develop it further as an article for this blog in just 800-1000 words, please try.

5. Observe the ongoing trend and develop a commentary on it with all possible facts/details plus a clear call-to-action.

6. If you wish to try anything new and want to find a topic or subject, we recommend you to follow the way the topics are framed in TED Talks and LSE Impact Blog. Although both the platforms are altogether different but these are the two best places that may inspire you to frame a great title and write a commentary for this blog!.

If you are a keen observer and wanting to write seriously- then TED Talks and LSE Impact Blog will surely help you know how the above three points can also be achieved.
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