Open Commentaries is an initiative by the same team which successfully floated ‘Open Interview’ in 2019. Today, Open Interview has great readers’ base and mostly in the academic area.

Institutions appreciative of our work may please endorse this blog too by voluntarily coming forward and permitting us to use their logos and name of their institutes/organisations. This endorsement is to showcase as how the endorser/s value/s the efforts of Open Commentaries.

  • Please note that Open Commentaries is a not-for-profit blog aiming only to share different perspective/perceptions on a topic and thus encourage open discussion and learning.
  • Any institutional endorsement/s is/are like testimony for us.
  • There is no financial and administrative restrictions for the organisation to be an endorser.
  • The endorser may take back their endorsement by just sending a mail to the Editor of One Commentaries (editorofoc@gmail.com) requesting to remove the logo and name of the endorsing organisation. We will do the needful.
  • It’s perfectly fine if you wish to be an institutional endorser but but your institutional policies do not allow to do so. In that case your individual support is an honour for us.
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