• For writing articles, the most simple tip to write an article for this blog is: write commentaries on your own published/unpubished paper/research work in just 800-1000 words by conveying what you have researched highlighting the methodology and findings – maintaining utmost brevity. This will be a super exciting experience for you as you will try to convey your research findings/work to the readers in the most compact form and thus attract them to your source work! (Read this)
  • Sometimes you get an idea or a solution or feel like commenting or expressing your views while reading, presenting, listening, researching, etc. Usually you write/comment on social networking sites, email discussion forums, blogs, etc.
  • So if that opinion/comment suites the pattern of our blog, please share your write-up with us. Initially, you may share with us the brief outline so that we can assist you in converting that into an article.
  • Another approach is, be a keen observer while reading others options/comments expressed on different platforms- it could be newspaper, blog, email relied on a discussion forum, journal/magazine, etc. Reading others options/comments will also help you form your own opinion and that you can develop further as an article. So pen down try pen down that.
  • When you write, your title should not sound like a title of a pure research paper or doctoral work rather it should be a bit informal (and framed in a way TED Talks topics are framed!). Your title ought to make the readers come to your article!
  • For writing reviews, you may review book, thesis, monograph, technical tool/application, project work, reports, acts/statutes, policies, etc.
  • For cross-posts, you may please suggest a few good articles published on any platforms. We preferably consider those articles/reviews to cross-post those that are preferably in open access domain (with CC licenses). To suggest, please write to
  • Please also go through our Guidelines
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